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Fantasy Draft Selection Helper: Stats and league ranking for goals, powerplay/points, shifts, ice-time, hits, shots, chances/misses, blocks, takeaways, faceoffs/won, penalties, powerplay & penalty kill.

This was a very unique offseason, around 25% of the players in the league are on new teams, or signed new contracts! Find the best value in your next draft. We're a hockey lifestyle website. learn more



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We are a content creator for the NHL (unofficially) in the many social aspects of the game. We follow hockey prospects; through the draft, farm system pipeline all the way to the NHL.

We help sports fans get to know their favorite players from around the league on a more personal level off-ice, and who they are outside the locker room. We also follow retired hockey players to see what they're doing in life after hockey.

What is Sempcast?

Sempcast is a hockey lifestyle brand, a social network for hockey fans, a future play-by-play media platform. Signup for free, talk hockey with other hockey fans. Research stats for your hockey pool fantasy draft selections. Find the best value players by hockey game stats via "cap/metric" ratios.

I came up with Big Celly™ — a value formula for the percentage of games by the metric/cap ($AAV) potentially helpful for sports teams/fans to draft & sign the right contracts. I was inspired by the Moneyball movie as Brad Pitt (playing Billy Beane) defers to Jonah Hill's character (Peter Brand) for the on-base percentages of Jason Giambi, etc.

Preview the player stats, powered by Big Celly™.


Who is Jim Semple?

#3 · A middle-aged beer leaguer who used to dangle with Jumbo, as a kid.
*Note* I have this photo at home, source credit from the STMHA website. *Side Note* My uncle Darren Semple (actually has a page at!) had tryouts for the Hartford Whalers (Canes), took me to a Whalers @ Leafs game as a kid and Andrew Cassels waved, then flipped up a puck to us in warm-ups at the old Maple Leaf Gardens.

My Favorite Teams
· San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs

Sunrise, FL: Mom & I met some Sharks fans on our way to watch Jumbo play at BB&T Center.

My Favorite Players
· Gordie Howe, Mike Bossy, Johnny Bower, Nicklas Lidström, Tie Domi, Joe Nieuwendyk, Gary Roberts, Curtis Joseph, Darcy Tucker, Joe Thornton, Erik Karlsson, Jack Campbell, John Scott, Evander Kane, Brenden Dillon, Tomáš Hertl, Barclay Goodrow, Anthony Duclair, Bobby Ryan, Adam Lowry, Mario Ferraro, Kurtis Gabriel, Alexander Barabanov, Nikolai Knyzhov, Radko Gudas, Henry Thrun, Danil Gushchin.

Left: Karl, Matty, Jumbo Joe @ Buffalo KeyBank Center — Right: St. Thomas, ON (Jumbo Statue)

My Dad's Favorite Players
· Dave Keon, Gordie Howe, Dale Hunter, Lanny McDonald

Bumped into Dale Hunter after a London Knights game.

My Son's Favorite Player
· Erik Karlsson

Karl signing an EK65 jersey for my son, Matthew.

Shoresy & Letterkenny
· Jim w/ Jared Keeso

RIGHT: Jared & I, took his dog for a walk in North Van / West Van (Ambleside Park) with the Lions Gate Bridge in the background, snapped a few photos. Back in the day we talked "the business" (of Hollywood & TV) and he was doing small roles, couchsurfing and scrappy. It's so great how far he's come to now celebrating hockey culture on Canadian TV. We used to watch Don Cherry (Grapes) Rock'em Sock'em videos at Christmas in Listowel, as kids. LEFT: We also thought we were cool, flashing our "devil horns" sign (not really knowing what it means) as far as I'm concerned — neither of us are into that kind of crap... but we were young (and foolish) once.

Watch either Shoresy, or Letterkenny on Crave. Also... my favorite TV series of all time, Entourage. It's like the "guys version" of Sex and the City, where a movie star (Vince), his best friend / manager (E) and his half-brother (Drama) and socialite (Turtle) give a glimpse into Hollywood life, partying, the trials & tribulations of failing (really hard) and trying, hustling and achieving success, entrepreneurship... not without grit & determination. Tons of great cameos including my fave (non-hockey) pro Tom Brady, and he does a flip of Turtle's vendetta and turns him into a friend. The show is not woke, it has lots of inappropriate remarks... and raw (even some adult) content, viewer discretion is advised and its definitely for a mature audience!

E-mail me anytime: / (same mailbox) or add me on IG .

Dear Joe: I hope you choose GM (instead of playin' in Davos) it'll take so many years to catch Jagr (but hey, I know you love the game) then you'll have a chance to build & win a Cup in San Jose! 🏆 good luck, whatever is next, Jumbo... bottom line, you're a good guy and that's what matters most!


Lifestyle & Sports

Favorite sports movies
· Field of Dreams, Moneyball, Jerry Maquire, Driven (2001)

Favorite athlete (*non-hockey)
· Tom Brady

Fave Vehicles
· Jeep Grand Cherokee, BMW 328i, Ferrari 488

Fave Watches
· Breitling, Tense Watches

Meals & Snacks
· Sushi, pizza, steak & potatoes, spaghetti, shrimp linguine, Thai food.
· Dark chocolate, All-Dressed & ketchup chips, Swedish berries / gummy bears, Kozy Shack rice pudding.

· Big fan of Shiraz (spicy/peppery) wines like 19 Crimes, Wolf Blass, Yellow Tail with a steak, or a Port wine like Taylor Fladgate for dessert.

· I really enjoy Belgian pilsner beer, Stella is the best. I also enjoy Czech/Polish beers such as Pilsner Urquell or Tyskie. Other notables; Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Heineken, Delerium Tremens. Sometimes a chocolate/cherry/stout like a Guinness, not as crafty with the newer hoppy IPA's. Sapporo paired with sushi.

· Snowboarding, boating/wakeboarding, foosball, tennis, baseball, golf and hockey. Home renovations; I've helped a couple friends renovate their rental properties. I'm a computer geek so I mess around with programming and fixing computers. I want to build a tiny home from scratch in Northern Ontario (near the Soo) and a shed for the canoes/kayaks. Grandparents & parents had billiards, ping pong tables growing up.

Video Games
· League of Legends on PC, sports console games like Tony Hawk, Amped freestyle snowboarding, and retro games like Sonic the Hedgehog, the early NHL games on Sega Genesis, or Nintendo games like Super Mario, Duck Hunt, Ice Hockey, Blades of Steel and Excitebike.

Special Credit & Thank You's

· Big Celly™ — inspired by "Moneyball" (on-base percentage) for measuring hockey analytics and coming up with Big Celly™ scores for each player :) I was asked about making the formula secret/proprietary, however I am a big believer in open-source software, and freedom of knowledge and information for the masses. If you are delighted by this formula, and/or it worked for you. Please feel free to give credit to Jim Semple/Big Celly™.

· Hockey Databank (Yahoo Group), this got me started with a decent hockey stats database, even for retired players which I'm not yet using. My database cap/value ratio metrics are based on last years data (mostly acquired via but this was a nice foundation to get started... I may refresh during the All-Star game as well, wait and see if there's demand for playoff pools by then! I had to do a lot of extra manual tasks to link current teams with the free-agent frenzy this year, especially following the expansion draft for Seattle Kraken.

· - I've been manually updating the current $AAV amounts (I'm not interested in the deep contracts, number of years, etc.) so if you want more than this years amounts, please refer to them.

· - I grabbed spreadsheets of big data from the advanced stats area to grind out cap/value metrics for players in shots, hits and other "advanced sets" that were not in the Hockey Databank (that I noticed anyway)

· Puckpedia - Been manually linking hockey player/agent info for NHL players based on their player pages.

· Elite Prospects - Excellent resource for player bio information for non-NHLers aka new draft picks, amateur leagues like the CHL, NCAA prospects, etc.

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